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Full Marks – 100 
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions


1. Give appropriate answer as directed:               1x12=12

a)   “By education I mean an all-round drawing out of best in the child and man – body, mind and spirit” – Who said this?

b)   The first page of a website is known as Home page (Fill in the blank)

c)    Homo sexuality is the characteristics of Childhood period. (Fill in the blank)

d)   Write the full form of SCERT.

e)   What does ‘Currere’ mean?

f)    Write one merit of observation method.

g)    “First psychology lost its soul, then it lost its mind, then it lost consciousness, it still has behaviours of a kind.” – Who said this?

h)   Animism is the characteristics of Infancy period. (Write True or False)

i)     What is Drive?

j)     Curiosity is related to the emotion ‘Anger’. (Write True or False)

k)   Name the first newspaper of Assamese language..

l)     Who first introduced ‘Monitorial System’?

2. Write the answer of the following questions:      2x12=12

(a) Write two educational provisions for Infancy.

 (b) Mention two purposes of setting up UGC.

 (c) Write two types of teleconferencing.

 (d) Mention two challenges before the teachers in the context of new social background.

 (e) What is meant by Activity-centred curriculum?

 (f) What is meant by Clinical Psychology?

 (g) Write two major functions of Cerebrum.

 (h) Name two kinds of Duct gland.

 (i) Mention two causes of illusion.

 (j) Write two characteristics of Emotion.

 (k) What do you mean by Childhood?

 (i) Mention two ways of modification of instinct.



3. Answer the following questions:        4x10=40

(a) Write four differences between individual and social aim of Education.

 (b) Mention four problems of adolescence.

 (c) Write four major functions of NCERT.

 (d) Mention four parts of eye.

 (e) Write briefly about the democratic aim of Education.

 (f) Write a note on contribution of missionary to the field of Education in Assam.

 (g) Write four educational importance of Library.

 (h) Write four principles of formation of good habits.

 (i) Write a note on ‘Tol’ as indigenous educational institution.

 (j) Write four salient features of Wardha Scheme, 1937.

4. Write briefly the relationship of Education with Philosophy and Sociology.    3+3=6

5. Write a note on major roles to be played by a teacher as motivator.     6


What is meant by Co-curricular Activities? Discuss about four types of Co-curricular Activities.   2+4=6

6. What is meant by Educational Psychology? Why does a teacher need to study Psychology?   2+4=6

7. Write six major recommendations as suggested by Hunter Commission for the development of Primary Education in India.   6


What do you mean by “Total Literacy Campaign”? Write briefly five characteristics of TLC.       1+5=6



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